2D Quantum Gravity and SC at high Tc by Polyakov A.

By Polyakov A.

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Within the final 5 a long time numerous makes an attempt to formulate theories of quantum gravity were made, yet none has totally succeeded in changing into the quantum idea of gravity. One attainable reason for this failure may be the unresolved basic concerns in quantum conception because it stands now. certainly, such a lot methods to quantum gravity undertake common quantum concept as their place to begin, with the wish that the theory’s unresolved matters gets solved alongside the best way.

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The two blockdiagonal matrices in the first line do not mix creation and annihilation operators, and therefore describe linear optical interferometers. The central matrix does mix creation and annihilation operators. However, the com∗ are themselves diagonal matrices, and the ponents AD , BD , A∗D , and BD 40 The quantum theory of light a) b) U S V† Fig. 6. The Bloch-Messiah reduction: a) a general multi-port interferometer including multi-mode squeezing; b) the reduction of the interferometer in two linear optical interferometers U and V † , and a set of single-mode squeezers S.

We next introduce the paraxial wave approximation, and then find the “minimum uncertainty” localized transverse mode. These modes can in turn be used as a generating function when we construct the Hermite-Gaussian and Laguerre-Gaussian transverse modes. When the transverse momentum is small we can treat the beam in the paraxial approximation. We start with the Helmholtz equation for the j th spatial component of the classical vector potential in the frequency domain 20 The quantum theory of light Aj (r, ω), given by the Fourier transform ∞ Aj (r, t) = dω Aj (r, ω)e−iωt .

There is a microscopic interaction of the field with the dielectric, but the details are averaged out in this Hamiltonian. 34 The quantum theory of light a) b) φ a ˆjλ c) ˆblλ ˆbj1 a ˆj1 ˆbjλ ˆbjλ a ˆjλ a ˆj2 θ ˆbj2 ζ, ϕ a ˆlλ Fig. 3. Graphical representations of optical elements: a) the phase shifter; b) the beam splitter; c) the polarization rotation. In the above example of a beam splitter we chose two modes with identical polarization λ, but different wave vectors kj and kl . However, we can also vary the polarization (λ ∈ {1, 2}) and keep the wave vector constant: Hj (θ) = θeiϕ a ˆ†j1 a ˆj2 + θe−iϕ a ˆj1 a ˆ†j2 .

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