30 Days to Taming Your Emotions: Discover the Calm, by Deborah Smith Pegues

By Deborah Smith Pegues


From Deborah Pegues, well known writer of 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue (more than 500,000 sold), comes an quintessential consultant for overcoming the emotional boundaries that rob women and men of life’s fullness and derail their own relationships.

Pegues makes use of biblical and modern day examples to aid readers establish and triumph over the hindrances that carry them again. Readers will detect emotion-taming innovations such as

• setting up boundaries;
• extending grace, mercy, and recognize to others;
• conquering perfectionism;
• accepting themselves and studying to snort at themselves;
• telling the reality and striving to do the perfect thing.

30 Days to Taming Your Emotions offers Scripture-based ideas, heart-searching own demanding situations, and therapeutic prayers and affirmations that time readers to a brand new feel of emotional freedom.

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It may give you a very polished ego, but this is the problem that has to be solved, it is not the solution. Anurati, wake up from your philosophical dream! Howsoever sweet it is, it is a dream. And it is so useless that you can always find an argument for anything. Philosophy is a prostitute: it can go with anybody. D. D. You can argue for, you can argue against. Philosophy has no anchor. It is a game, like chess: it keeps you occupied and gives you a sense of doing something great. But remember, it is all dreaming.

It will come back, it will explode in you. Hence, down the ages your saints have been very much afraid of sleep. They go on cutting down on their sleep – five hours, four hours, three hours, two hours. And the less they sleep the greater the danger, because all their repressions have to come in those two hours in a very condensed way. Then they are crowding in from everywhere. And people worship them! The less a saint sleeps, the more people worship him. They say, ”Look how much he has sacrificed!

The child said, ”Don’t be worried. I always wait by the side of the road. ” As you are looking at your mind you will be surprised: gaps come by, intervals when there is nothing to be seen. The observer remains alone and because it is alone it is no longer an observer either. You can’t call it an observer because there is nothing to observe. The mirror is there, but it is not reflecting anything. There is no duality of the seen and the seer. In these intervals discipline arises. The word ”discipline” is also beautiful.

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