Six Suites pour violoncelle by BACH


Ed. through Diran Alexanian

The Bach Cello Suites are largely considered as top-of-the-line tune written for a solo device, and for this reason they've been transcribed for a really wide array of alternative tools. Rediscovered and popularized via Pablo Casals a century in the past, those suites differ enormously in hassle and magnificence. for this reason, constructing cellists are likely to spend loads of time with those suites over the process their schooling. "To me, the Bach Suites are and may be a life of exploration, paintings, and fervour. the variety of trouble and colour within the Suites besides pedagogical price and natural amusement cause them to a needs to for cellists of every age and degrees. due to the fact no autograph exists in Bach's hand there are various versions on hand. The Wenzinger variation released via Barenreiter has develop into well-known for its equity to real interpretation, cleanliness to studying, scholarly feedback, and beneficiant fee bracket. each cellist may still personal at the very least one reproduction of the Suites for his or her library (I have four!) and this variation is without doubt one of the top to begin your journey!" - Thomas LaForgia, Cello, Shar Apprentice Composed via Johann Sebastian Bach, prepared and edited by way of Diran Alexanian for solo cello. comprises facsimile of the manuscript. released through variants Salabert. trouble : 3-6.

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