A Flight of Storks and Angels by Robert Devereaux

By Robert Devereaux

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His hand went for the knob. ” Then he left, slamming the door behind him. This way. Timothy twisted about to suggest hand struggles. Ward mimicked his movements and found the tie more yielding than its angry knot had at first suggested. Even with the sash limiting him, Ward was able to free his hands quickly. Hurry. Taking a full breath was impossible, but Ward found that if he exhaled as completely as he could and husbanded his movements, he was able, again following Timothy’s lead, to work the right side of the sash up to his shoulder and past it, the sudden release of tension like a stretch of twine worked around the corner of a parcel.

By kibble, she’s got me! I ain’t long for this world, ma. My own flesh and blood, for so you have often protested she is, hath struck me to the quick. ” June let her exasperation show, but it was as drawn out and ineptly histrionic as the death speech her father now delivered between pauses for coffee. “This life, which until this very moment I had always thought the quintessential cakewalk, that most elegant of dances, beside which the finest minuet is as the tromping of loam-footed peasants .

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