A History of Western Educational Ideas by Peter Gordon, Denis Lawton

By Peter Gordon, Denis Lawton

There are lots of points of an schooling approach that in basic terms make feel if we all know how that process has constructed over the years. a part of this comes from figuring out how associations have replaced, however it can be very important to appreciate how principles in schooling have developed.
This ebook discusses the continual improvement of academic idea over 3 millennia. the point of interest upon the historical past of principles during this quantity is in part an try to flow background of schooling clear of an process in response to 'great males' to technological, financial and political affects on rules and ideology. It reports many matters, starting from the needs of schooling from the earliest occasions, to the problem of postmodernism within the current century. The authors supply an obtainable and thought-provoking consultant to the tutorial principles that underlie perform.

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Monasticism also developed, preserving traditional religious values and developing new ones. From the fifth century, Roman culture and education were disrupted by barbarian invasions but did not disappear, and in some cases Roman institutions were taken over by the invaders. For example, in Italy the Ostrogoths did not abolish the schools of grammar and rhetoric in Rome, Milan or Ravenna. In Spain and Gaul, schools virtually disappeared but the classical tradition and culture continued into the seventh century.

There were, however, a few notable exceptions where Christian school systems developed, for example in Alexandria and Syria where there were catechetical schools, interpreting the scriptures to the young (and to older converts). Such examples were rare, and even they were modelled to some extent on Greek schools. Teachers such as Origen (AD 1 85-254) of Alexandria expounded key texts and established a tradition of exegesis which lasted until the late Middle Ages. THE DECLINE OF ROME Meanwhile, the Roman Empire was facing a number of crises.

Such licensed teachers and their students would commonly have certain privileges as a group which would enable them to run their own affairs without interference from civil authorities or others. This concept of a university was very far reaching and highly significant. We shall return to the topic towards the end of this chapter, here we simply note that there was a need, perceived by the Church authorities, for improved methods of educating the future clergy at a higher level after they had passed through school ; several of the universities emerged out of this need.

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