A Monte Carlo EM algorithm for generalized linear mixed by Chen J., Zhang D.

By Chen J., Zhang D.

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Because of uncertainty and unpredictability of such systems, it is impossible, at compile time, to address all scenarios that can happen at run-time, because of unpredictable changes in the environment. We need computing systems that are able to adapt their behavior and structure to change operating and environmental conditions, to time-varying optimizing objectives, and to physical constraints such as changing protocols and new standards. We call those computing systems Adaptive Computing System.

E. the configuration of the device stored in the SRAM-cells is lost if the power is cut off. 17. (b) MUX programming (c) Function generation Use of SRAM in FPGA-Configuration 32 Reconfigurable Computing as CPLDs, EPROM or Flash devices, are required to store the configuration and load it into the FPGA-device at power-on. 18(a)). The device can be permanently programmed by applying a high voltage (10–21 V) between the control gate and the drain of the transistor (12 V). This causes the floating gate to be permanently and negatively charged.

B) Tri-state buffer connection to horizontal lines Virtex routing resource Local connection of an Atmel Cell Reconfigurable Architectures 43 Locally, the Atmel chip provides a star-like connection resource that allows each cell (which is the basic unit of computation) to be connected directly to all its eight neighbours. 31 depicts direct connections between a cell and its eight nearest neighbours. 32). The space between the logic blocks is called channel and is used for signal routing. 32) is an example of row-based FPGA.

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