A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss by David G. Myers

By David G. Myers

How do humans take care of listening to loss? during this examine, David Myers, who has himself suffered sluggish listening to loss, explores the issues confronted through the not easy of listening to at domestic and at paintings and gives details at the new expertise and surgeries on hand.

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S. schools for the deaf reverted to oral methods for much of this century, the 1965 publication of William Stokoe’s Dictionary of American Sign Language helped educators see that asl is not a crude visual miming but a genuine and rich language for communicating and teaching. Worshiping in Silence 27 NOVEMBER 1992 I neglected to bring my aid to Thanksgiving worship at our church yesterday. (Seldom do I need it at worship, given the already amplified sound. ) But yesterday’s experience confirmed that the march from sound toward silence is continuing.

Interpreting Responses 11 JULY 1992 Further musings about the ambiguities of interpreting people’s responses to hearing impairment. Yesterday I was following the flow nicely in a talk show interview on a large St. Louis station. The hosts and the first two callers projected well. As the third caller offered her prescription for happy living, I turned my phone volume control up to 10 and switched the phone from the familiar left-ear position to what I now realize is my better (right) ear. ) Unfortunately, I didn’t catch what she said.

My fear is that with no headset and no way to control volume, I may miss what some of the callers say. If so, it will disrupt the show’s rapid-fire format, deprive me of speaking time, and generally embarrass us all. Afterward: For the first time, a live (six-minute) inter- Relationships 27 view does not go well (wouldn’t you know it—the only one my family and friends would hear). The questions (from listeners troubled by their alcoholism, bereavement, and friends’ depression) went beyond my topic and my expertise, my answers were off the mark, and the setup—with an ear bug for the calls, which fed my own voice back to me—was distracting.

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