A Time of Omens by Katharine Kerr

By Katharine Kerr

Drawing on Celtic lore, the Deverry sequence has turn into a well-liked staple of the trendy myth reader's library. Now A Time of Omens indications the intertwining of the 2 global of the sequence: Deverry, the realm of people and elves, and the astral aircraft, the place strong immortals reside.

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Stumbling and swearing, they took off upriver, running because it would take too long to calm and saddle horses. Just as Maddyn’s sight was finally clear someone hailed them: Nevyn himself, leading his horse along as calmly as you please. “Ye gods, my lord! ” “Naught of the sort I did get a little carried away with that fire, didn’t I? ” Nevyn refused to say anything more until they reached the camp. Shouting for answers the men surrounded him until Maryn yelled at them to shut up and let the councillor through.

Maddyn was the only one who noticed that his liege’s eyes were fall of tears. ” They went down to the lakeshore just outside the walls of the dun and sat down on the rocks right next to the water. For a moment Nevyn merely looked around him, but his eyes were so heavy-lidded and strange that Maddyn assumed the councillor was working some dweomer. “I think we should be safe here,” Nevyn remarked, confirming his suspicions. “The presence of the water will act as a sort of shield, you see, from the wrong sort of prying eyes.

Casyl nodded in slow admiration. ” Maryn broke in. “I’ve always wanted to carry one of those daggers. Have you looked at one close up, Father? ” Casyl suppressed a smile. “One thing, though, Captain. I understand that you left Cerrmor in some disgrace. ” “If I live that long, my liege, I suppose I will. ” He glanced at Maryn. ” Maryn drew himself up to full height, and all at once they could see the man he’d be someday. ” Abruptly Casyl turned away and paced over to the window. Maddyn was the only one who noticed that his liege’s eyes were fall of tears.

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