Adoration Quilts Applique Nativity Projects by Rachel W. N. Brown

By Rachel W. N. Brown

Книга по печворку и квилту. Рождество вдохновляет автора на конструкции основанные на празднике Рождества. Красивые одеяла изображает знакомые сцены Рождества. Аппликация сцены, Ангел Гавриил и трех волхвов, плюс животные, звезды. Узнайте больше о Рождестве с традициями и легендами со всего мира.

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Carve out parts and tack together. Cut two pieces of wet rawhide to go on top and on bottom and sew together. Two pieces of rawhide Cut two sections of wet rawhide for inner portion of sideboards. Woman’s Saddle Insert dowels through pommel, cantle, and side boards. If this is going to be used on a horse, it is best to fit it to the horse rather than use the above measurements on the spread of the cantle and pommel. 5. Cut two sections of rawhide as shown, for outer sideboards, pommel and cantle.

Cross stakes for tying tipi down. For the ties on the cover, insert a round rock and tie nylon cord around leaving plenty for twisting rope and tying down on the stake. Willow pegs to pull knot away from pole when it rains. This will allow the water to drain off at the bottom instead of where the rope stops the flow. The tipi should have more slant to the front than the back. Pitch with door to the east in most instances. Parfleches can be hung between poles. Dewcloth seams can be painted with thinned acrylic paint (water base) for interior decor.

Carve a notch on the heavier end to accommodate the bow string. This is called the nock. Feathers for the fletching are now selected. All large type birds were used. Turkey or goose will work. Split and clean pith out. Use same side of feather for each arrow. first arrow second arrow Trim so feather is ¾″ high on shaft. Although the American Indians in many cases left the middle section unglued, to glue it will help if you wish. Wrap sinew around each end with all three feathers in place. End view with feathers.

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