Algebraic Geometry — Open Problems: Proceedings of the by E. Ballico, Ph. Ellia (auth.), Ciro Ciliberto, Franco

By E. Ballico, Ph. Ellia (auth.), Ciro Ciliberto, Franco Ghione, Ferruccio Orecchia (eds.)

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S. [B2] : curves, 189-238. EAr-M] M. ARTIN e t tional A. MAYER algebraic F. ENRIQUES : Sopra una involuzione non r a z i o n a l e d e l l o s p a z i o , Rend. Acc. Lincei, s . 5 a, 51 (1912), 81-83. of 33 IF1] G. FANO aventi : Sopra tutti alcune i generi variet~ nulli~ algebriche Atti Acc. a tre Torino dimensioni 43 ( 1 9 0 8 ) , 973-977. IF2] G. FANO aventi : Osservazioni tutti sopra i generi nulli, alcune Atti varieta Acc. non razionali Torino 50 (1915), 1067-1072. IF3] : Sulle sezioni rette dello spazio G.

Of of conic bundles, a unirational ed omotopia 50 (1960), On d e f o r m a t i o n s Math. der York variety~ 481-484. continua Pura 897-898. Press to 177-202. fundamental Soc. University Contributions automorphisms 17 ( 1 9 8 1 ) , K. TIMMERSCHEIDT J. Oxford I. threefolds, On t h e J. rational [Ty] : Curven, (1974). Birational V. algebrica, rationale Berlin-Heidelberg-New IS] [Sg] varieties, New Y o r k Springer-Verlag, ~ber 163-165. Annalen of 258 threefold, in geometria 149-186. threedimensional (1982), Proc.

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