An Introduction To Sindhi Literature by Ghulam Ali Allana

By Ghulam Ali Allana

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Besides this, i n the p resent ti mes, Naz m , Geet, Doho, Sorth o, Kaf i , V ai and b ait are a l s o very popular forms of S i n d h i poet ry. Shaikh Ayaz i s the lead i n g poet and has contri b uted m u c h towards the modern (progressive School o f Poetry). H e , i n view of Mr. Saleem M e m o n : " I s s upreme among the writers (poets) of today. He i s the first and fore most p rotoganist of Western l i tera­ t u re , ideolog ies and social system . He has created new forms, g iven new words and p h rases to S i n d h i language.

275-308. d i scovery of M ohen-jo-Daro (1 926) and the b u i l d i n g of the Sakhar Barrage (1 933) . The fou n d i n g of l iterary and cultura l societies l i ke S i n d h i Sahit Society and S i n d h M us l i m Adabi Society, and the i ntrodu ction of Sindhi in the Bombay U niversity Syllabi also gave i m petu s to contemporary l iterature. I t is a fact that the first world war had n ot only i m'luenced socia l , p o l it i cal and economic conditions of the worl d , but c:Jo ngwith the i m p act on society, it had l eft its mark o n l iteratu re also.

H e chooses incidents and situations from every day l ife. , Tal i b u l - M o u l a i s a reali st He appeals , d i rectly to the reader's imag i n ation by writing with g reat c larity. H i s romanticism is deeply rooted in real i s m . His g reat poems are sat urated with the very b reath and s pirit of l ife. J. :_il. 3J �&J I II � � ) �. ::... >... fa bL fa 0 L. ; ) � L? ) Ll= � The Second School is called 'The Thaita vi Schoof of Poetry'1 H aj i Mah mood Khad i m was the leader of this school i n modern times.

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