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By Maive Stokes

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The shoemaker's wife then went back to the Raja, and, taking his head on her knee, sat still he woke. When the Raja woke he was much fright" This is not ened, and he said, my wife. " The poor Raja felt very black, until He said, " I am sure something has happened to He went to the tank, and he saw flowers floating unhappy. " on the water and he caught them, and own as he caught them his true wife stood before him. They travelled on till they came to a little house. The shoemaker's wife went with them.

XXV. THE FAN PRINCE 173 193 XXVI. THE BED 201 XXVIL PANWPATT! RANI 208 XXVIII. THE CLEVER WIFE 216 XXIX. RAJA HARICHAND'S PUNISHMENT XXX. THE .... KING'S SON AND THE WAZIR'S DAUGHTER . NOTES GLOSSARY LIST OF BOOKS REFERRED TO INDEX 224 234 237 .... 295 297 299 INDIAN FAIRY TALES. i. PHtJLMATI RANt were once a Raja and a Rani who had an only daughter called the Phulmati Rani, or the She was so beautiful that if Pink-rose Queen. )HERE she went into a very dark room it was all lighted up by her On her head was the sun ; on her hands, moons ; beauty.

Was once a Maharaja", called the Anarbasa, Pomegranate King and a Mahardni called the The Maharani Guliandr, or Pomegranate- flower. died leaving two children a little girl of four or five years The Maria" raj a" was very old, and a little boy of three. He was sorry when she died, for he loved her dearly. exceedingly fond of his two children, and got for them two a man to cook their dinner, and an ayah to take servants care of them. He also had them taught to read and write. Soon after his wife's death the neighbouring Raja's daughter's husband died, and she said if any other Raja ]HERE or ; : : would marry her, she would be quite willing to marry him, and she also said she would like very much to marry the Pomegranate Raja.

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