Lamp of Mahamudra: The Immaculate Lamp that Perfectly and by Tsele Natsok Rangdrol, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Erik Pema

By Tsele Natsok Rangdrol, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Erik Pema Kunsang

A undying guideline at the middle of Buddhist perform. Lamp of Mahamudra is a meditation guide on some of the most complicated practices of the Tibetan Buddhist culture. This specified textual content distills the directions of the perform lineage and describes the full direction of meditation resulting in the last word fruition. The ebook contains recommendation from Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. Lamp of Mahamudra was once written by means of Tsele Natsok Rangdrol, a seventeenth-century grasp of either the Kagyi and Nyingma colleges. He used to be popular as some of the most realized academics of his period. His writing is inspiring in its lucid type and profundity.

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Not controlling your three doors by being too tight, rest freely in effortless naturalness. 3. Not letting the essence of a thought and the wakefulness be separate and different as if applying an antidote, rest in the natural clarity of self-aware self-cognizance. Other names, such as "nondistraction," "nonmeditation," and "nonfabrication," are also used for these three. " Your present mind, free from mind-made tampering and construction or the negating and affirming acts of "Now this appears! " These are, in short, included within 18 Shamatha & Vipashyana simply letting your mind rest in naturalness-unspoiled and without fabrication.

They regard the clinging to a good samadhi or the mere conditioned bliss of being free from pain as the innate supreme bliss. They mistake the involvement in clinging to apparent objects without having attained the certainty of recognizing the objectless natural state for the unobstructed selfcognizance that is free from object and fixation. They confuse the stupidity in which cognizance is blocked for being nonconceptual wisdom and so forth. In short, all the different types of mistakes, incorrect look-alikes, strayings, and deviations are primarily caused by not having applied onself fully to the key points of the preliminaries, such as gathering the accumulations and purifying the obscurations.

There are many of that kind in this final end of the dark age. The Seven Wheels of Kshiti,~arbha Sutra states: Not accepting the cause and effect of the ripening of karma, One is a non-Buddhist proponent of nihilism And is reborn in the Avichi hell right after dying. It will ruin others and destroy oneself. You must therefore exert yourself intelligently and not become like that. · 31 EXPERIENCE AND REALIZATION Endeavor one-pointedly to rest in equammtty without falling prey to mistaken or deluded views and meditations, and without going astray or deviating.

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