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What is the bodily hinting that is blamable ? As to this, some monk approaches families (for almsfood) and, 1 See Dial. i. 11 ff. and BD. i. 316 f. for these toys, mentioned in both passages among a much longer list of games. Miln. above mentions only six: vamkaka, ghatika, cingulaka, pattdlhaka, ratthak dhanuka. 2 kammabhumi. 8 vinnaUim dpajjati, or fall into hinting himself. See Vin. iii. 144 ff. (in Samghadisesa VI) where some monks greatly oppressed the people by begging and hinting for gifts.

For it is, as it were, a hireling of the Tathagata, dependent on the Tathagata, and the Tathagata, placing the Order in this position, causes a gift of a cloth for the rains to be given to it. ' The Tathagata, sire, did not praise honouring merely for himself, but the Tathagata praised honouring those in the world who are worthy of honouring. And this too, sire, was said by the Lord, the deva above devas, [242] in the splendid exposition, the Majjhima-nikaya, 3 1 For these words cf. A. ii. 70. Or, making it obligatory, akdniakaraniyarh karonto.

258, and Sarhyuttanikdya varalancaka at Miln. 137, 217. Just below the reading is merely Sarhyuttanikdyavara. ' 8 In the becomings, 3 sire, there is no being more worthy of gifts of faith than the Tathagata, or higher or more surpassing or more eminent. And this too, sire, was said in the splendid Samyutta-nikaya by the young deva Manavagamika 4 as he was standing before the Lord in the midst of devas and men: 6 ' Vipula6 is counted chief of Rajagaha's hills, Mount White7 chief of the Himalayas, The sun of celestial bodies, The ocean is chief of waters, And of starry groups the moon.

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