Orn by Piers Anthony

By Piers Anthony

The trio of scientists were ordered to survey the planet's vegetation, fauna and mineral assets, and from the very starting in their venture every little thing they saw resulted in one startling conclusion-the mysterious international was once nearly exact with the Earth of the Paleocene interval, 70,000,000 years in the past on the very sunrise of the age of mammals! Their names have been Cal, Veg, and Aquilon, the main resourceful-and rebellious-of Earth's explorers, and with them got here 4 alien partners, the mantas. unusual flying beings, half-animal, half-fungus, the mantas possessed the keenest senses of any creatures within the universe, a present which right away stored the challenge from whole catastrophe. Detecting powerful vibrations coming from a superb distance, the mantas warned the people, and Cal discovered that it may suggest just one factor: an earthquake-one sufficiently big to supply a tidal wave that might absolutely inundate the small island the place that they had organize camp. Veg, the most powerful member of the crew, built a crude crusing raft, and the celebration placed out to sea to flee the doomed island. It was once the start of a major sequence of adventures which might cause them to discoveries as momentous as they have been lethal. crusing for weeks, the raft took them to a area tremendously diverse from the island that they had left in the back of. And while a brachiosaurus, supposedly extinct within the Paleocene interval, approximately swamped the raft, they knew they'd reached a space of beneficial medical value-an remoted enclave of the Cretaceous interval the place the total spectrum of the golden age of reptiles was once current! yet simply as terrific because the dinosaurs was once one other creature they have been quickly to meet-Orn, a man-sized fowl who belonged to the main complicated species ever to boost in this global. Unsurpassed racial reminiscence enabled Orn's brain to arrive hundreds of thousands of years into the earlier, and it used to be his presence that led the 3 people and the mantas to open riot. made up our minds to avoid man's damaging exploitation of this global, they need to pit themselves not just opposed to the creatures they want to avoid wasting from extinction, but in addition opposed to the all-consuming greed of Earth's robust professionals. As wealthy in medical aspect because it is in breathtaking pleasure, Orn is a masterwork of the mind's eye and a tribute to the artistic genius of Piers Anthony.

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How had mantas known of the tsunami? They could not have detected a shock wave in the water, because the wave was the shock. Yet he was sure they were correct, for they did not make mistakes of that nature. Something important would happen with the water, and if not a wave it was because he had misinterpreted Circe's message. There must have been a vibration that their peculiar eyesight had picked up, or a radiation typical of large land movements. Something that not only signaled trouble, but allowed the mantas to judge its time of arrival.

At all. " Oh-oh. When Veg thought something out, he could be obstinate, and the irony was that Cal agreed almost entirely. It was possible that they would be in greater danger in the tunnel than on the island, though from a different source. But at least they could remain near the borer exit. "Let me explain what a tsunami is," he said carefully. This was for Aquilon's benefit too, to be certain everyone knew what the choices were. "An Earthquake or erupting volcano can do enormous damage on land, but if it is in or near the sea it acts in a different way.

Something like that," Cal agreed, surprised that she had made the connection. "There were other ways to corroborate the phenomenon, too. Computer analysis showed how certain continents, such as Australia and Antarctica, made a precise fit despite being separated by two thousand miles of water. The underlying strata also matched. All over the world, the changing continental geography could be interpolated to show the configuration for any particular period. " Veg asked. "Our island here is some distance off the coast of what will be known as California.

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