Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible: Flawed Women Loved by a by Liz Curtis Higgs

By Liz Curtis Higgs

Strong ladies Behaving Badly

A spiteful boss, a defiant worker, a manipulative mom, a determined housewife, an green with envy sister…honey, we all know those ladies. We’ve lived with them, labored with them, or stuck a glimpse of them in our mirrors.

Now let’s have a look at their historical opposite numbers in Scripture: Sarah mistreated her maidservant, Hagar despised her mistress, Rebekah manipulated her son, Leah claimed her sister’s husband, and Rachel envied her fertile sister.

They have been faraway from evil, yet not often excellent. more often than not strong, but a little undesirable. In different phrases, those matriarchal mamas glance much like us.

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This fear is intense and unnatural and with it she always has the thought " N o w I'll know what I am frightened a b o u t " but never does. She says she goes stone cold, sweats profusely, has visceral activity—"my inside feels like a washing machine", and her body feels light. She is seen to go very pale. There is no loss of consciousness and the whole attack, which begins and ends abruptly, is over in a few seconds. Fear during an ictal experience varies from slight unease to stark terror, and may be brief or more prolonged, so that the patient may describe a feeling of anxiety.

Further evidence that different aspects of fear reactions depend upon different parts of the brain comes from Carlson (1966). She found in rats that emotional and cue aspects of an aversive situation can be stored subcortically and influence behaviour regardless of the presence or absence of the cerebral cortex; complex motor response to the same aversive situation, however, only occurred when the cerebral cortex was intact. Lesions of the mammillothalamic tract affect conditioned avoidance responses.

Schachter studied subjects who were hypertensive and subjects who were normotensive. Regardless of blood pressure level there was a predominantly adrenaline like effect with fear, a predominantly noradrenaline like effect with pain, and in anger either effect or both. Criteria for a noradrenaline like effect were 1. marked rise in peripheral resistance, 2. drop in at least 2 of the 3 variables cardiac output, stroke-volume and heart rate, and 3. marked rise in diastolic pressure. Criteria for an adrenaline like effect were 1.

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